Parents Platform

"My two daughters have been doing Cabaret Kids for the past two years.

They have absolutely loved every minute of every lesson with Shelley. Her patience and imagination goes above and beyond all expectations.

Shelley is so dedicated to her craft, and to the children she teaches everyday. She's created a space for kids to just be kids, and spread their wings and fly to anywhere they wish to go.

The sky is the limit in her classroom, and any kid would be lucky to be apart of such an incredible extra mural."

Tali Machet

"My daughter loves Cabaret Kids. She  gets to dance, sing, perform…all things she loves.

But she does it in an environment with a teacher who  totally believes in her. So it’s not just skills that she is building, it is something much more precious,  it’s self confidence. 

There gives me no greater pleasure than to see her after a lesson sit and play quietly in her room, going over her lines and practise again and again.

Shelley is helping our kids remember what it means to use their imaginations and play."

Adina Roth

"Shelley makes my daughter's week so much more enjoyable by her enthusiastic vibrant way!

Mila looks forward to music theatre every week!

Thanks for all your hard work and effort!!"

Aviva and Mila Krost

"Cabaret kids is an exciting, creative environment that teaches kids important skills necessary to cope in today’s world. 

My shy son has gained a lot more confidence from Shelley's classes.

The studio provides  a safe space for the kids to express themselves, learn empathy, tolerance, teamwork and have tons of fun."

Mandy Solomon

"Shelley is a really amazing woman. Anybody, no matter how old or young, can learn something from her.

She is an impeccable teacher and gives great and valuable critique. 

I enjoy my lessons with her in which my knowledge of arts and culture expands."

Jude Kapeluschnik

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